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TyMick Industries, LLC

TyMick Industries is an engineering and tooling company committed to providing practical solutions to the everyday challenges of the commercial plumbing industry.

TyMick Wrench Company, LLC, the manufacturing division of TyMick Industries, LLC, has developed and produced a tool system that will not only enable the maintenance and plumbing professional to decrease his facility's clean water usage, but also significantly increase his efficiency when managing his daily tasks. With the TyMick Wrench System®, we are hopeful that TyMick Wrench Co., LLC will make a significant impact on the environmental footprint of this country's institutions. While TyMick Industries' primary objective is to service the commercial plumbing industry, its members, and client community; our corporate vision is to help shape our industry's views on water conservation, and directly impact our client's overall efficiency.

Manufactured in the United States!

Manufactured to the strictest of quality standards right here in United States, the TyMick Wrench System® is machined from 100% US manufactured Steel and Aluminum, and is assembled in St. Louis, MO. Each individual TyMick Wrench Company component carries a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and breakage under reasonable load conditions. The ratcheting wrench mechanism is backed by TyMick Wrench Company’s limited lifetime warranty, which allows TyMick Wrench Co., LLC to stand behind our products, and guarantee the quality of the TyMick Wrench System® for the life of the system.